Monday, December 5, 2011

What a Week!

I'm baaaaack!

We had a great week! It was long, busy, and just about perfect!

If you are "friends" with me on Facebook, which I am sure most of you are, then you have seen most of my pictures. (Actually it is only about half.) So I am not going to put a lot on here. I would much rather tell you the details of some of my favorite moments!

Rob and I started planning this trip in February. That is right...FEBRUARY! We kept it under wraps for most of the year. On Wednesday before Thanksgiving we told the kids. Every year we give the kids an ornament to represent the year. Usually we give it to them on Christmas Eve, but this year we gave it to them on Wednesday. (We just happened to be decorating the tree!) They opened it up and they were Mickey and Minnie. They liked them and hung them on the tree. (No clue!) Then we ate pizza, which happened to have pepperoni in the shape of Mickey. Broderick kept asking me what it was. He finally guessed. Rob and I just kind of ignored him. After pizza they both got a phone call at the same time. Aerial called Carys and Mickey called Broderick. They told them they were going on a trip. Still...the kids were kind of confused. After we helped them put the pieces together, it clicked.


The looks, the screams, the tears...they were all worth the wait!!!

Saturday morning we arrived in Orlando around 9:00am. Let the fun begin. We hit Magic Kingdom first! It was kind of sensory overload. Spectacular, but overload.

Sunday we went to Hollywood Studios were Broderick got to fight Darth Vader. There are about 10 kids in each "set". They have a Jedi Master that tells them exactly what to do when they fight Vader. (Which, by the way, why is Darth Vader so cool!?) Each kid comes up and goes through the same set of motions. When it was Broderick's turn, he did the same motions as all the other kids and then...the Jedi Master said, "Use the force!" So Broderick, in typical Jedi fashion, used the force on the Stormtroopers. Every 8 year old boys dream!!!
We of course road all the rides and saw most of the shows that day. Rock N' Roller Coaster was Broderick's favorite! Carys did not like the Tower of Terror. She did not cry at all, she was a brave little girl. For about an hour after we road it she just sat in the stroller and didn't say anything. It was my favorite ride!

Monday we were back at Magic Kingdom. Carys wore her beautiful dress that Grandma made her and we had dinner with the princesses is Cinderella's Castle. Every 5 year old girls dream! Seeing her face and watching her look all around for the princesses to come what priceless. Truly! The best part was/is, she believes these are real princesses! I love it. It makes me tear up just thinking about it!
When we were outside of the castle one day she said, "Mom, do you see that window right there?"
"Yes, Carys I see it."
"I think that is Cinderella's room."
"I think you are right Carys."

Melts my heart! She loved hugging them, and getting them to sign her book. And they all, and many others, loved her dress and commented on how pretty it was. She even told the fairy Godmother that her Grandma made her a dress just like Cinderella's!

Tuesday we went to Epcot. I loved Epcot. The World Showcase was very cool and they had some great rides. We also had VIP seating for a firework show that night.

Wednesday we went to Animal Kingdom. It was like a zoo, but on a grand scale. Disney doesn't skimp on anything! The Tree of Life has the most amazing detail. The shows are amazing. The safari is great fun. It is just a neat place! That night we ate a place called Whispering Canyon. It was so much fun! The kids rode wooden horses around the restaurant. If you needed ketchup your table just yelled, "We need ketchup." Whoever had it would bring it over to you. Not just one bottle though...about 20 bottles. Then when another table yelled, you had to take all 20 bottles to them. If you asked for more drink, they brought you a 1/2 gallon mason jar full of your drink. The kids loved this place. We will for sure go back there to eat.

Thursday we celebrated Broderick's 8th birthday. It was his choice day. What do you think he picked?

Hollywood Studios.

Which was perfect because there were a few things we didn't get to the first day we were there. He rode Tower of Terror, this time without Carys, and Rock N' Roller Coaster again. We met some cool characters there. And again, had a "Magical" Day!

That night we went to Downtown Disney and ate at the T-Rex Cafe...his choice of course. And then we went to an arcade like nothing you would believe! People, this is Disney we are talking about. They don't skimp on anything!

Friday we went back to Magic Kingdom. We met some characters we hadn't seen yet, rode some of our favorite rides. The People Mover...don't ask, and Space Mountain. This was our last night there. I cried when we left. Not a sob cry, but definately some tears.

Saturday we hit a few rides at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and then it was time to come home.

So what makes this place so magical you ask? It is the place, "where all your dreams come true."

You make it magical. Seriously. The laughter, the jokes, the excitement, the meltdowns, the time together. That is what makes it so special. I am not going to lie...the parades, the characters, the rides, the food...they are special too! But you make it magical!

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