Wednesday, December 1, 2010


How does a baby go from this....
to this? I will tell ya how, quickly! Very quickly! I remember when Broderick was a baby, screaming his head off all the time, and I would be out with him and older people would say, "Enjoy this time, they grow up way to fast." At the moment of standing in the check out line with a crying baby, leaking boobs, and feeling completely exhausted I would think, "Not fast enough!" So here I am seven years later thinking, "Those people are right! This past seven years have gone super quick, and in just seven more he will be 14! Then what am I going to do?" I know, be looking back at pictures thinking, where did the time go? I love this boy like none other! God has used him to teach me more about being a mom, a friend, and a christian the past 7 years through this child than anything else! He pushes me, challenges me, forgives me, shows me unconditional love, and teaches me all day, everyday! So as I wipe my eyes, I wish him the best birthday ever, with many more to come!

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jenny said...

Happy birthday Broderick!!! Seven years old! That baby pic is just too cute for words! Hope he had a fantastic day!