Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gearing Down, Or should I say UP!?

Well it seems summer is here. The kids have 3 days of school left, the pool is open and it is HOT. Yup, sounds like summer! Memorial Day weekend Rob's parents came for a visit. We had a great time. The kids loved having them. When they pulled in the driveway Carys said, "The Pennsylvania people are here!" It was so funny! We just don't get to see them enough.

Like I said the kids only have a couple days of school left. I am left feeling a little sad about this. I have really liked both of there teachers and hate to say goodbye. It has been awesome to see the Lord work in the lives of people at their schools through our family. Our prayer has always been that he would use us as a light in a very dark world. I believe that has been accomplished this school year.

Another sign of summer...I have a tomato on my plant. Yeah, I am trying my hand at gardening. So far one tomato. I have a strawberry plant too, but no berries yet! I was hoping to have a picture, but I will soon.

So the pool is open, school is coming to an end, vacation is not far off and tomatoes are growing. Is it time to gear down...or up!?

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