Sunday, June 27, 2010

4 Years old

It is hard to believe that this precious little baby is 4 years old today! Looking at this pictures makes me remember that day she was born all the more. You look at a little life and wonder what the future holds, and how such a small baby can grow up in to a child and then adult. (thankfully we aren't at the adult stage yet!) I can tell you...she has grown to be such a joyful, excitable, imaginative little princess! She make me laugh on a daily basis. Just yesterday I was laying down for a nap with her and she was being her typical goofy self making me laugh. She has a personality like none other.

My prayer for this sweet girl is that she grows to love and follow the Lord. I pray that the joy she possesses today would never leave her. And that she would be a blessing to all the people she meets! She sure is to me and our family!

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