Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can you see the differnce?

(August 2009)
- He looks a little older.

- He is a little taller.
- He is six now.
- His hair is shorter.
- He has different clothes on.
- He has a different school bag.
*But these are not the differences I am talking about!*
(June 2010)
This boy has changed so much over the past 9 months. These are the differences you can't see in these pictures.
- He can read.
- He can write sentences.
- He can jump rope.
- He knows all kinds of things about animals.
- He knows lots of new songs.
- He draws great pictures.
- He can write a story.

All these things I owe to a lot of wonderful teachers, but mainly to one...
his fabulous Kindergarten teacher!

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Anonymous said...

That makes Grandma Allen want to cry! Broderick you are growing up way too fast..... But you will always be my special little boy. Grandma Loves you, you big First Grader ; )