Thursday, November 20, 2008

A week of the Arts

Rob and I had a wonderful date on Sunday night. We went to see The Wizard of Oz on Broadway. Such fun! We used to see a lot more shows prior to having children, so when we get to go now we really soak it up. The play was great! What was even more wonderful though was having dinner without having to tell someone to take a bite of food, (Neither Rob nor I, especially not me, needs help eating.) or having someone interrupting a conversation. I love my kids don't get me wrong. But nights out with just Rob are precious. So then last night we took the kids to this ice skating show. It was a blast! The kids really loved it. Carys starting crying when it was over because she wanted to keep watching it. Broderick said he wanted to learn to skate like "those guys." We will see about that. Maybe hockey instead of figure skating. So it has been the week of finer arts!
Rob's parents are coming in town this weekend so we are also getting ready for that. I am super excited to have Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the first time ever. I have even been making fun crafts with the kiddos. (Those pictures will come later.)
I hope to have pictures of the new floor for you all by the weekend. Rob will diligently be busting them out over the next 2 days and then I will paint the baseboards. After this...I am in no hurry to do another house project for a long time!!!

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