Saturday, June 23, 2007

A few new pics

Happy Birthday to Me! I celebrated my 26th birthday on tuesday. Everyone made it very special for me. On Monday my sister, mom and I went shopping (my sister bought me this bathing suit I had my eye on all season. Thanks Kel!!), out to lunch and to the pool. It was very fun. On Tuesday Jenny watched my kids in the morning and I went shopping by myself (that was a gift all by itself, but the fun was not over!), then she had a special lunch for me. It was a great morning and afternoon. While the kids took naps I watched a movie. Carrie and Natasha dropped gifts off to me. Which was so nice and thoughtful. Then when Rob got home he brought me flowers a cake and took us all out to eat. Thank you everyone who made my day special.

A couple of days ago I went in to get Carys from her nap and this is what I found. I guess she was bored and trying to undress herself. She is such a funny girl!

We took the kids to the Cincy Museum Center last night. (They have free Fridays all through the summer. Check it out... It was very fun. Broderick of course enjoyed seeing the few dinos they have and the trains. Carys didn't really know what to think of all the craziness. It was a great night with the family!

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Amber said...

happy late birthday!!! it looks like you had a great day. and we will definitely have to check out the cincy museum on a friday...especially if there are dinosaurs and trains!