Friday, December 8, 2006

Long Week

While reading my bible earlier this week I was struck with some convicting truths. I Peter4:7-11 talks a lot about how I should treat other people. v8 "above all love each other deeply" v9 "be hospitable without grumbling" v10 "administer God's grace through my gifts to others" v11 "speak as if speaking the words of God, serve with the strength God provides". What great scripture to read especially during this time of year.
It has been a long week at the James house. Rob worked a ton during the beginning of the week and then was out of town weds - Friday. I am so glad he is home!!! While he was gone I stayed at Jenny's on Weds because Ben was out of town also. That was fun. I tried to sleep with Broderick in Lane's bed. That was an experience! After he woke up at 4am and thought it was time to play I decided to sleep on the couch. Thursday night I decided to stay by myself! I did sleep pretty well. Thankfully he doesn't have to go out of town much. I am glad he is home and the weekend is here.

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