Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Desires of Your Heart

There has been much discussion around our house about where God would have us to serve and what He wants us to do.  The Bible is pretty clear on some areas of serving Him...orphans, widows, and the poor are just few.  There are all kinds of ways to do this and all kinds of places.  So then the question is raised, does He really care as long as you are doing something?  Which we are doing something, but to be honest we want to do more. 

Last night we were talking and Rob said, "So I have been thinking..."  (He does this a lot.  He also has what we like to call "Africa Tourettes."  This is when we will be talking, or not talking, about something not related to Africa at all, and he will start blurting something out about his trip or a thought he is having about Africa.  It is very funny.  I love when he does it.)  "...what if God said what do you want to do Rob.  If I gave you a choice what would you decide?"

I find this to be an interesting question because the Bible says, "Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. " (Psalm 37:4)  I take this to mean if my desires line up with God and what he delights in, then he will give me those desires.  I don't take this to mean if I ask for a mansion and to win the lottery that will happen.  But then I think about Job.  His desire was not to lose his family and everything he owned, but it happened.  God allowed Satan to take all this from Job.  And I think of Jonah.  His desire clearly wasn't to go to Nineveh, but God asked Him to.  And then I think about saying yes to God before we even know what He is going to ask. 

This is all tumbling around in my head today. 

I want to delight in the Lord.
I want my desires to be His desires.
I want to serve Him.
I want to tell stories of His faithfulness.
I want to say yes before I know what he is going to ask.
I want to share His love with others.

So, while Rob and I are discussing what is next and where He wants us, I think our answer just needs to be a simple "yes."
We are willing. 
We are ready.
We trust you. 

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