Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day at School

Broderick's school had a Mother's Day program on Tuesday. It was so nice and fun. The kids had helped the teacher put nice table clothes on the table and make a place for each mom to sit. Then we made 2 crafts, ice cream sundaes, and listened to the kids sing a couple of songs. I love seeing Broderick in this element. I can tell he really gets a long well with the other kids and really loves school. His teacher is wonderful and she has been great with Broderick. In about 2 weeks they are doing a Father's Saturday. That should be fun for Broderick and Rob!
below: Broderick with his friend Sydney. Some of you have heard me talk about her. She is such a sweet little girl. There seems to be a pack of four that really play a lot. Broderick, Sydney, Braeden and Lauren. They seem like the real out going ones of the class. Sydney's grandma asked me to take a picture of the two of them, because she didn't have her camera. She said, "you never know, someday, we might be looking at this picture as they walk down the aisle." I thought that was funny for a grandma to say. It is a cute picture though.
Broderick and Braeden in their frog hats. They wore these hats and sang a song about frogs sitting on a log. It was very funny. Braeden and Broderick have become very good friends. We have gotten together a few times outside of school and his mom and I have become good friends. Hopefully we can maintain the friendship.
It was a very special day for me and I will always remember it!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like Broderick is over his fear of frogs that he had a couple of years ago.