Friday, February 7, 2014

God at Work

Do you believe God is always at work?  I do.

The question is, do I see him at work.

It has been 5 short days since we bought our tickets to Africa and started sharing the news of our trip.  I have seriously been blown away by seeing God work.  Already. 

Shortly after we shared with some people we received an email that said, "As soon as you said you were going I knew what I needed to do. I didn't want to share right away because I wanted to talk to my wife."  That amazes me.  As soon as we shared...they knew.  Well, he did talk to his wife and she felt the same way.  Come to find out they are giving us their entire tax return to use however we/God sees fit!  Rob and I were in tears.  Rob and I are pretty sure exactly where that money will go.  (We will share more on that later.)

I have received emails, Facebook comments, and phone call of people saying they wanted to help either financially or by donating items for us to take.  Someone even stopped me in the grocery store today to tell me they wanted to help! 

I also have friend who is going to do a Zumbathon to help us raise money for Ebenezer.

This one blows me away too...
Our family has been serving at a place called Hands Against Hunger the last couple months.  (Awesome place.  If you live in our area we would LOVE for you to join us!)  Anyhow, they pack food and ship it all over.  If you have ever helped at Apex for Haiti bagging day...same thing.  It is a bag of food with rice, dried veggies, protein powder and soy.  Rob thought, let's ask them if we can buy some boxes to take with us. need to buy them.  They are giving us over 100 pounds of food to take!  100 pounds of food!  I can not wait to pass it out!

In the book Tales of the Not Forgotten the author, Beth, says, " All mission opportunities start like this - looking at what we have in our hands and asking who needs it, then figuring out the best way to build a bridge between the two."  Our family has received so much joy by all of you looking at what you have in your hands and asking who needs it.  We feel so blessed that God is allowing us to be the bridge.

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