Friday, July 20, 2012

Will there be bathrooms in Pikeville? sweet 6 year old asked that question on the way down to Kentucky!

After that I thought, "I need to keep a journal of this trip."

There were a few reasons.  #1  I can't remember much and #2 I wanted to write my thoughts as God was showing me things.  I am still trying to unpack and process all of the things God is teaching me.  I think of things I want to write and then my mind starts going a mile a minute and I can't gather the thoughts into a sensible post.

That being said...I thought I would share with you the funny and sweet things my kids did and said while we were gone!

Carys did truly ask if there would be bathrooms.  We had talked with them about how we were going to a place that was poor and didn't have things like we do.  I guess I know now that it is important to a girl to have a bathroom!

Broderick asked what being homesick was.  He thought that you actually get sick when you are homesick.  I explained to him what it meant.

Broderick said, "I hope this trip goes well!"  The day before we left he was out in the garage with his tools nailing some stuff.  He was getting so frustrated and crying and saying he was terrible at it.  I did my best to help and encourage him.  It didn't hit me until he made this statement why he said it and why he was nailing things.  He knew he was going to be doing some construction.  He was frustrated because he wanted to do a good job in Pikeville and "he was hoping it went well."

The first day when Broderick and Rob were doing yard work for Miss Ruby, Broderick said to Rob, "If mom were here she would be saying take a break, put your hat on, time for more sunscreen..."  (Smartellic!  He is right.  Did I tell you I packed a first aid kit for them to take!?)

Speaking of first aid day at VBS a little girl fell and hurt her toe and knee. Carys immediately said, "Mom, get your first aid kit!" We went and got Gracie some band aids. Carys was so sweet about trying to comfort her. She even put the band aids on for her.

Carys loved helping lead the songs at VBS.  She was so good at it too!  She would teach the other how to do the moves and change these pictures on the poster for another song we did. 

(Carys helping with the songs.)

Another day at VBS a little girl, Hailey, wanted some more strawberries.  We didn't have any left so we had to tell her she couldn't have anymore.  Carys offered for Hailey to have hers.  (Did I mention Carys loves strawberries!) 

When Carys turned 6 we had her give up her blankie.  (I know...we are mean!)  She had really been doing okay without it.  One night at home she asked for it, but we talked through it and she was fine.  Well, one night in Pikeville she really wanted it.  She was crying and sad she didn't have it.  Broderick said very sweetly while stroking her face, "Carys your sleeping bag is silky just like your blankie.  Pretend your sleeping bag is one giant blankie."  (Remember the #1 reason I said I kept a journal? Well, I was talking with a friend today about Carys' blankie and even said to her that Carys didn't miss her blankie in Pikeville.  How did I forget this story!!!)

Broderick came to VBS with me one day.  He was so sweet and playful with this little 2-3 year old little girl, Caylee.  She would kind of go off on her own and play with different things.  Broderick would go right with her and be so sweet and play with her.

(Broderick and Caylee)

The funniest thing I think from the whole trip was when Carys in all seriousness, came over to Rob, Broderick and I and said with a twang, "Whatch y'all doin'?"  I said, "what did you say?"  And we all started laughing!!!!

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