Monday, July 23, 2012

The Most Dramatic Break - Up EVER

Did you watch the finale of the Bachlorette last night? Well...I did. I actually liked this season. Most of the time I complain through the whole thing. (Remember, I only watch it because I cave under peer pressure...and it means a night out with my ladies!) Last night was no exception. We did the finale big!  Like one of my friends said last night Bachelorette finale = Superbowl for girls!

Oh and boy was it good!  I mean, we all knew what was coming, right?  Emily, for lack of better word, had balls all season.  She wasn't afraid to get rid of losers when the time came.  That is one reason I loved this season.  She stood her ground and didn't put up with any lame-os!

The ladies and I always make a bet on who the "winner" will be.  (Last season I ended up jumping in a pool fully clothed.)  I NEVER pick the right one.  We all agreed that she was not going to pick either of them at on the actual show, but then at the After the Final Rose show she would pick Jef.  Well...of course we were wrong!  I thought night one when Jef rode in on his skate board and then threw it int he bushes he was a gonner!  Maria's exact words, "She loves that!"  I don't know...they were weird together.  I always felt like he knew what to say.  I asked Elizabeth last night if she thought he was genuine.  Her response, "None of this is genuine!"  Good point.  Jef grew on me and at the after show...I was sold.  He seems sweet and totally smitten for Emily.  We will see how long it lasts. 

I was an Arie fan from night one.  I really wanted her to pick him...or did I!?  I knew she wouldn't.  I am kind of glad she didn't.  But I tell you what...that boy was heart broken!  I felt so bad for him. But he took it like a real man!  Genuine?  Indeed.  I mean, he got on a plane and flew to see her after the show.  He gave her his journal and she didn't even read it!  I truly believe she didn't read it because if she did, she would second guess her choice.  And she should. 

Anyway...who really cares about Emily's love life? 

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