Monday, September 6, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Camping is something Rob and I both grew up doing and still love to do. Grant it, we don't go often at all, but we do love to do it and are excited to make it a regular part of our family. I think back to my childhood and I have great memories of camping. This weekend we went camping with my mom and step dad. Now what they do I don't know if I would call it camping or not. They have a camper. Either way...we had a great time! Rob and I slept in the tent and the kids of course thought it was great fun to sleep in the camper. We had such beautiful weather! It was nice and cool during the day and chilly at night! Great weather to put on some comfy clothes and cozy up by a campfire.
A little family time around the fire!
We went out on the boat Saturday which was a little chilly, if you can't tell.
And of course we ate s'mores, mountain pies, and a ton of junk food. My mom got these marshmallows as big as your head! Broderick could barely get it into his mouth. Too funny!
My favorite things about camping:
Feeling like time just slows down
Playing board games
Being outside
Going on walks
Looking at the stars
Sitting by the fire with just my hubby and talking
Watching my kids entertain themselves with sticks
Eating...A LOT
Sleeping outside
Bug spray
No TV, video games, computer
(We kind of cheated this weekend. My mom and step dad have a TV which we did not really watch. I told you, I don't know if what they do you can classify as camping. And we do have cell phones with Internet.)

We had a wonderful time and I really can not wait to go again!

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