Monday, July 6, 2009

Pennsylvania Trip

We took our annual trip to Pennsylvania about a week ago. (The last couple of years we have gone to Pennsylvania to drop the kids of at Rob's parents house then him and I have a little "siesta" to NYC. More to come on that trip later.) I thought I would post a few pictures to highlight what the kids did. Of course Friday night when we arrived Terri and the family had a party for Carys. (Her birthday was Saturday.) My sister-in-law Betsy made this fabulous cake for her. She loved it! It was a party fit for a princess with dress up close, slushy drinks, castle cake, crown making and party favor bags. It was a whole lot of fun!!!
When we got home from NYC we went to see Grandma Franklin. Who by the way turns 94 on Saturday. She enjoyed reading Carys and Lizzie, the doll, a book. Which Carys enjoyed very much as well. If you didn't notice Carys and Lizzie have matching dresses. Rob and I went to the American Girl store in NYC. Carys was very sure that she wanted us to buy the same dress for her that her doll came in. (Not the one she is wearing below.) Everyday that we talked to her she would ask if we had gone to the store to get the dress. That was all she seemed to care about while we were gone. Of course we got the dress, and a few others! (Her Daddy is a SUCKER!! He is also the one who said we weren't going to buy the doll in Chicago...all she had to do was ask and he was putty in her hands!) I was the one telling him to put some of the outfits back but he wanted to buy then for her. What can I say...
On July 4th we played at Bob and Terri's in the morning. Broderick had a blast playing in the creek. He jumped, walked, threw rocks and tried his best to get Carys to get in with him for about 1 1/2 hours. Times like that, I wish we had land where he could really be a boy!
We also went down to Rob's brother's house for fireworks. His neighbors put on this amazing display in their back yard. It was really fun. The kids did sparklers and all that you do on July 4th. We had wonderful time and are so grateful for a great family

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