Monday, January 29, 2007

We're Back

Broderick and Tyler
Carys and Aunt Lisa
Broderick, Grandpa Bobby and Carys
Carys and Braidy
Broderick and Aunt Lisa

It is so good to back on blogging world. I have missed posting!! We had a wonderful time in Pennsylvania. We set out for our trip on Friday Jan 19th. On the 20th Rob flew to San Fransisco for work and I stayed with his family. It was so great to have extra help while he was gone. Rob came back to PA on Tues and we visited with his family for the rest of the week. We got home yesterday. Rob's parents, Bob and Terri, had a great time with the kids. Broderick loved seeing Grandma James and Grandpa Bobby as well. We also got to see our nieces, Lindsey and Katie, and nephews Braidy and Tyler. Broderick had so much fun playing with them. Tyler lives in imaginary land just like Broderick so that was good. Braidy is about to turn 14 and he is such a great kid. He is so good to his siblings and such a good helper. Lindsey and Katie are adorable and so sweet! I spent a morning with Betsy at her house so the little ones could play and then also got to go to her moms group on Tuesday. It was good to meet some new moms and see we all struggle with the same things! Lisa had us over for dessert and to see her new apartment. That was a good time and Lisa is very hospitable. Dave and Rob had some good quality time together. It was a great trip and always good to see Rob's family. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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