Friday, July 31, 2015


It has been exactly 10 years that we have lived in our house.  It is the first home Rob and I bought.  I remember the first time we drove by it...Rob had found it online and he took me by to show me.  We weren't even really looking to buy a house. We sat outside and prayed.  Roughly 3 days later we made an offer.  We bought this house with the intention of it being a "starter" home.  Live here for a few years and then move to something bigger.  Time kept passing and I began to think we would never leave.  I began to settle in and dream of what the future would hold in this house.  Now 10 years later we are preparing to move.  After many long conversations we put this house up for sale.  3 days and 12 showings later we had received and accepted an offer. 

There is a part of me that is sad about leaving this little place we have made a home.  I think of all the memories we have made here.  Bringing a baby home, potty training, first steps, first days of school, holidays, baking days, pillow mountain, playing in leaf piles and the snow, squirt gun fights, sleepovers, many fires in the fireplace, and neighbors that have become friends.  This house holds a lot of love.

I keep remembering that those memories and love go with us wherever we go.  With each picture I take off the wall and each item I pack up this house feels less and less like home.  It is feeling more like a place we are staying.  God has been preparing me to say goodbye to this special place that holds so many memories and to move on to the next chapter of our lives. We will move on to a new house.  We will begin to make new memories, hang new pictures, and make a new house our home.

In 3 short weeks we will be signing papers and handing the keys over to a new family so they can begin making their own memories in this house. 

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Unknown said...

So excited you this new chapter in your life...many blessings in your new abode!