Monday, June 2, 2014


Saturday ended the "official" dance season.  (We still have one competition left.) It was a long 2 days between rehearsal and recital, but so worth it.  Rob said it best, "You spend all this money and time and think should we be doing this, then you see your daughter on stage..."  And it all becomes worth every penny and minute!  I know I am a little bias but God has truly given Carys the gift of dance!  She is a beautiful dancer and absolutely adores it!
I love the friends she (and I) make during the year.
 A friend from house church also dances at the studio.  After she got done performing Carys met her backstage with a big hug and encouraging words.
 Backstage coloring while waiting for their next dance.
 "Shooting Stars" and their fabulous teacher!
 Sass much!?

Carys and Allie have danced together for 4 years now.  (This is them in their ballet costumes.  This was an absolute beautiful dance!) They have such a great time together.  Her mom has become a great friend as well!
What a GREAT year!  Here's to many more!

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Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful season and in so blesses to work with an amazing daughter like yours! I love my job! Their dances were beautiful and they did awesome I'm so proud! Thank you! *Andrea*