Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good-bye to an old friend

Rob and I have been talking about getting rid of our dog for the last 2 years. It just got to the point that we weren't giving him the attention he needed, we travel often so it was getting costly and we felt someone else could provide him with a better home. The problem was, he is almost 11 years old. When we were in NYC a couple from our house church took care of him for us. When we got home I called to say I was on my way to get him and she told me they wanted to keep him. I was shocked! Even though we wanted to get rid of him it was still a little sad. We talked to the kids about it and they seemed fine with it. The funny thing is, Broderick really liked Zaccheus, and he drove Carys crazy. She cried initially and then was fine. Neither one has asked about him since. (confirmation) Carys has told a few people that we don't have him anymore, but that is it. Again, while it is still a little sad and every morning I walk over to let him out of his cage or let him outside before bed, or go to get him food, I feel like this was for sure the right decision. Hard, but right.

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